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Structure: 4 modules covering volume, prices, market and R&D

Frequency: 4 reports per year

Number of pages: 60 pages/report plus databases and lists


  • Data on batteries placed on the market, reaching end-of-life, available for recycling and second life

  • Price data for batteries, scrap batteries, and battery materials

  • Access to list of more than 50 lithium-ion battery recycling companies around the world

  • Access to data base of second life installations

  • Access to data base with more than 1,000 labeled research paper abstracts and links

  • Access to data base with more than 300 patents in lithium-ion battery recycling and second life

The ultimate tool for decision makers in the end-of-life market for lithium-ion batteries

The lithium-ion battery EOL market tracker is a quarterly updated report with access to extensive data within four key areas of the lithium-ion second life and recycling market: volumes, prices, market development and R&D.

Derived from the findings and data in the “The lithium-ion battery end-of-life market” report this more dynamic and hands-on set of reports and databases has now become its replacement.

Our aim with this report is to improve all player’s ability to make educated decision around both end-of-life strategies and the daily dealing with lithium-ion batteries after the life in their first application.

The report cover four areas:


This segment covers historic, current and estimated future volumes of batteries placed on the market (POM), batteries that reach end-of-life (EOL) and how much of this that goes to remanufacturing, second life and recycling. The data is segmented per major markets (EU, USA, China), application (EV, ESS, portable etc) and battery chemistry (LFP, NCMxxx, NCA, LMO, LCO). Every quarter we comment on the latest events affecting both POM volumes and the availability of batteries for the different downstreams. The report includes access to data in excel which can be used for customised graphs and tables.


This segment covers relevant price information for batteries and battery materials, the two important downstreams for second life batteries and waste batteries. Updated quarterly material values for different battery chemistries are published as well as comments about recycling and reuse prices in all key markets.


This segment covers the players in the market. New deals, acquisitions, investments and partnerships. Events are commented and put in context. The report also includes access to a database with recyclers, refurbishers and known second life projects.


Focused on new research and patents in the areas of collection, recycling and reuse of lithium-ion batteries. Like in the market segment the news are commented and put in context. The report includes access to extensive database with labelled links to research papers and patents.