Strategy and business development

From having been about finding the least costly way to dispose of waste batteries, end-of-life management for lithium-ion batteries has become a much more strategic area. Today a battery in an electric vehicle represents 40 per cent of car's direct costs and has usually a lot capacity left when the car reaches end-of-life. This opens up for enormous opportunities if managed the right way. For the car maker, for refurbishers, for energy storage providers and energy companies.

And it is not only batteries in vehicles. To integrate a more circular thinking for all kinds of batteries does not only have the potential to decrease the costs for waste but in fact change the entire offer to the customer and how products are sold.

We help companies in the entire value chain to optimise the life cycle of batteries. From material companies to large battery users. We do this through applying our research, connect companies with other players in the market and help in the work to shape new strategies and products.

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