Research products

Market intelligence for anyone involved in the end-of-life chain for lithium-ion batteries with the need to understand mechanisms and drivers, and stay updated on prices, volumes, technologies and key players   

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New report: The lithium-ion battery end-of-life market

Our core research product where we go behind the daily events and explain how the market works, which the key mechanisms and drivers are and how this affect volumes, prices and investments. Includes all data collected by Circular Energy Storage. The report is an essential tool for anyone taking strategic decisions such as larger investments, new business areas or mergers and acquisitions. 

New product: Data package

Charts and data on lithium-ion battery volumes placed on the market, end-of-life and available for recycling. Delivered as a pdf-deck with charts, tables and lists of key players in the market. Also access to the data in excel format. This if for anyone who needs to get a snapshot of the end-of-life market but who doesn't need continuous information.