Most comprehensive report ever on the lithium-ion recycling and second life market


The lithium-ion battery end-of-life market 2018-2025

The ultimate source of information about how the end-of-life market for lithium-ion batteries works, in which direction prices and volumes are moving, which players that are in the lead and what's the best practice in recycling and second life. 

The report reveals that, contrary to common belief, lithium-ion batteries are widely recycled and secondary materials are becoming increasingly important for today's battery makers. The trend is similar for second life as several companies in both Europe and Asia are adopting business models where reuse of batteries is at the core.


The report contains detailed analysis of:

  • The structure and dynamics of the end-of-life industry

  • Current and future recycling market with a list of over 50 recyclers around the world

  • Feasibility of second use and overview of current projects, strategic initiatives and leading players

  • Volumes of batteries placed on the market, end-of-life and available for recycling divided by geographic markets, chemistries and applications

  • Forecasts of accessible raw materials from waste batteries as well as available energy storage capacity from second life batteries




At Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting we are tracking the end-of-life market for lithium-ion batteries on a daily basis. We keep track of volumes, players and technologies. We publish this in reports and in a soon to be launched subscription service.

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Please contact us for more information and how to purchase the report. This is what's included:

  • Downloadable report in PDF format. 110 pages.

  • Spreadsheet data for customized charts 

  • 1 hour consulting over phone either for presenting the report or answering questions and comment the finding

The price for the report is £4,125 excl VAT

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Who should read it?

  • Strategy, business and product developers as well as sustainability professionals in the battery, electronics and automotive industry

  • Investors in automotive, battery technology, commodities, energy and clean tech

  • Recyclers, raw material companies, compliance scheme professionals and policy makers