Hans Eric Melin to chair the China International Battery Recycling 2018


Hans Eric Melin from Circular Energy Storage will chair the first day at China International Battery Recycling 2018, where he also will speak about the global market for recycling and second life of lithium-ion batteries.

Speakers during the day include:

Qingyin Dong, Programme Officer Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific 董庆银, 项目主管

Professor Li Guangming, Tongji University 李光明,教授,同济大学环境学院

YinWang, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry 王寅,上海化工研究院

Stefanie Schönhofen, Volkswagen AG, Germany 德国大众公司

Yan Liao, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences,MEP 廖岩,生态环境部华南环境科学研究所

Professor Zheng Chen ,University of California, San Diego 陈政,教授,加州大学圣地亚哥分校

Wei Bao, GeneralManager, Zhejiang Huayou Recycling Technology Co.,Ltd 鲍伟,总经理,浙江华友循环科技有限公司

Longhui Li, Director Recycling and Utilization Department
Automotive Data Center (Beijing CATARC Data & Technology Center)
China Automotive Technology & Research Center 李龙辉,部长,回收利用部,数据资源中心(北京卡达克数据技术中心)中国汽车技术研究中心

During the conference Hans Eric will also participate in a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities in global battery waste management lead by Professor Li Guangming,Tongji University 李光明,教授,同济大学环境学院

Hans Eric Melin