Hans Eric Melin comments on cobalt supply from recycled batteries in Ethical Corporation Magazine

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In a series of articles on cobalt Ethical Corporation magazine takes a look at the sourcing of cobalt for lithium-ion batteries. In high demand, and with 60 per cent of the mined resources located in Democratic Republic of Congo where the corruption is at world record level it's clear neither working conditions or environmental standards can be secured. The articles suggest that 20 per cent of the mining is done so called artisanal mines where childe labor is common.

Hans Eric Melin at Creation Inn get to comment how recycling would affect the demand. The answer is that recycled cobalt (and nickel, manganese, copper and increasingly lithium) already is an important component in today's batteries. And some manufacturers, especially in China, totally rely on it. However, for the overall demand for new cobalt it will have a limited impact for many years.

Find the article here och download the PDF version:

Hans Eric Melin