Bloomberg on second life – referring Circular Energy Storage's report on lithium-ion

Adam Minter, reporter at Bloomberg and the author of Junkyard Planet writes about the growing second life sector in China, referring to the report Circular Opportunities in the lithium-ion industry by Creation Inn (now Circular Energy Storage):

It's an increasingly interesting topic as more and more second life projects are initiated in China and new legislation will further support the development.  China is already the world's center for reuse of laptop and cell phone batteries and through those activities Chinese recyclers are benefiting from volumes not fit for reuse.

If you want more information about how this affect the end-of-life chain in Europe or North America you are welcome to contact Hans Eric Melin at

Also, if you haven't read Junkyard Planet, do that. It's a book that gives an very good understanding of how waste material are traded over the world and how that affect both recycling and manufacturing industries.

Hans Eric Melin