Circular Energy Storage leads discussion on recycling of complex products

solar panel.jpg

Hans Eric Melin at Creation Inn will moderate a discussion on current economic, technical, legal or social obstacles to scale up recycling of electronics, batteries and solar panels. The discussion will be held as a part of Veolia Institutes conference on Strategic Materials for a Low-carbon future in Oxford the 3rd of November 2017.

The discussion aims to answer questions like: Can new forms of collaboration between businesses and institutions help? How much can we expect to collect from recycling? Can design of products facilitate recycling of components? Can products be designed to be safer to recycle?

Panel members are

  • Kerstin Kuchta, Director Waste Resource Management Research Group, Hamburg University of Technology
  • Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Veolia UK & Ireland
  • Christian Hageluken, Director of EU Government Affairs, Umicore

To participate check out the conference website



Hans Eric Melin