End-of-life services

In many companies end-of-life management of lithium-ion batteries is considered nothing but an expensive burden. And in some cases it is, when batteries are distributed over many places, the types are unknown and nobody knows anything about its status. But it can many times be the other way around.

It all starts with knowledge.

With an extensive network of collectors, recyclers and refurbishment companies around the world we are experts in finding the best solutions for anyone with small or large volumes of retired lithium-ion batteries. We know what value that can (or cannot) be extracted and which company that can do it.

It all starts here.

Fill in the form and submit. We will come back within a week (or faster if it's required) with a proposal containing at least three alternative routes for the batteries including price and shipping conditions.

We will charge first when you ask to see the details, which means you will know if its worth it or not. 

To start, fill in the form to the right as detailed as possible and submit. If it's more complicated than that you can always call us at: +44 775 692 7479 or email to: hanseric@circularenergystorage.com

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Battery type
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